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Really good tamales + more

HI! Thank you for visiting!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kathy Contreras. I am the owner, chief tamale wrapper (La TamalGuera)  and dishwasher of Tamales+.   

First, a little background. I've been in the restaurant/food industry since I was 16. Without revealing my age, let's just say I have a few turns of the earth under my belt.   In 2019, I taught myself to make tamales. It took a few tries, I didn't have an abuela to teach me her tricks. But I figured it out and when I did - mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm. An obsession was born. I mean the possibilities are endless! The Italian Beef Tamal to date is still my favorite. My tongue in cheek tagline is "pretty darn good tamales for a white chick!"  (Thank you to my good friend for making my know who you are!)

My husband, Antonio and daughter, Sophia are my biggest fans. Sophia tells everyone she knows about Tamales+ finally had to give her some business cards. Marketing Manager! 

In the summer of the much maligned year of 2020 - I wanted to buy a new bike. (Because COVID you know) I decided to sell pickled jalapeños, I had discovered a great recipe from Zarela Martinez. (Seriously, the best pickled jalapeños - as my neighbor described them once "They BURN SO GOOD!". Hot - yes AND packed with flavor) But I digress - so the bike. I was selling salsas and practicing with tamales - I never knew there was an underground universal love of tamales. But every time I mention making tamales, people's eyes LIGHT UP and " I LOVE TAMALES' is the next thing out of their lips.  

One thing led to another, one friend/client to another - Tamales+ was born. My neighbors and family have been incredible in their support of Tamales+.  

Recently, Manny Lopez of Manny's Food Adventures gave Tamales+ a great rating. (We tried not to bribe him too much) Check out his review on our Facebook page 

October 2022 - The Tamale Trolley became a part of the family. facebook@tamalesplus.aurora for upcoming events!

Questions you may have:

Why do I have to pre-order so far in advance:

  • We are working hard to ensure a great product that you can TELL was made from scratch, with love.

  • Storage is limited.  We only prep what we have room to properly store.

  • We are a new, small business trying to manage its cash flow effectively.

  • We can arrange pickup at any of our pop ups.

How do I order?

  • PM directly through Facebook page/email 630-465-3579 9-7pm, minimum 24 hours ahead for pickup at our next popup

  • See newest menu on our facebook page. 

  • Prepay via zelle, invoice or cash

  • All major cc accepted, in person

  • Shipping is not available

What's with the +?

I definitely love tamales, who doesn't? But I also love making bread, smoking brisket, making soups and crisp salads - I just really love food. I see recipes and start thinking of the possibilities with it. So the PLUS+ there is frequently something new, or different. Something unexpected. Tamales themselves offer a lot of room for creativity and fun.   

It means if you'd like to talk to us about catering - please do! We will work together to create  a menu you will be excited about! Office lunch, family get together, or backyard fun!

And if we can't do it for whatever the reason - we know people.... 

I hope this helps you get to know Tamales+ a little bit, who we are and what/why we do what we do.  

UPDATE: I did finally get the bike! Now if I just had the time to ride it!

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Home Cooked Meals

Cooking, eating, and sharing is an amazing experience involving every sense. Try rubbing Mexican oregano or fresh rosemary in your hand and put your nose to it - you are literally transported for a moment. You may be eating for different reasons but I hope for a moment in time - you are filled with the bounty this world has to offer. Your soul is fed. I have done my job.

Thank you for the opportunity!

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Songs of Praise

Our satisfied clients keep us alive and prospering. Tamales+ is happy to be able to provide all of our clients with unparalleled services, and because of our efforts, they always come back for more. Read below to find out all the wonderful things our clients have to say about us.

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Your tamales were amazing! My parents loved them, too!

Jasmine C.


630-465-3579 9am-8pm

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